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Invincible Basics System

Lots of Armbars & Omoplata Situations

This is where it all starts. You and I will huddle together and break down the Invincible Basics method into easy-to-learn segments, from sweep, to pass, to submission and everything in between. It’s ideal not only for those grapplers who have been desperately searching for the answers as to what the obstacle preventing them from getting to the next belt rank.It’s also about the best way there is to prevent ever having your opponents and teammates pass your guard, sweep & submit you…which most times leads to such painful experiences as getting your face crushed, neck twisted and back tweaked. Designed to make the most of your training time and having a set of proven techniques and not having to take time off from injury.

Only: $97.00

Armbars and Omoplata DVDs: Do not try to learn advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques before understanding the “why” or undersatnding the basics first!

  • Basic set up for armbars and omoplatas
  • Basic situations to over come counters
  • Escapes
  • Attacks from guard – side control – mount
  • Finishes
  • …and of course a whole lot more!

Only $23.95



Wrestling Concepts & MMA Seminar

Prof Roberto “Gordo” Training Video

Finally – Absolutely amazing techniques & tricks to rapidly build a POWERFUL takedown & wrestling game, specifically built for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… that will have the ‘Guard Pullers’ running for the hills!Learn how to deal with…

  • The classic “Guard Puller”
  • The guy who always goes upside down….and somehow avoids being passed…every single time
  • The “Big Man” at your academy…. ‘How the heck do I stay on top of this guy’
  • The “Spaz”….. ‘Man – this kid is fast…. why do I feel like I’ve been in a car wreck after rolling with him’
  • The “Sneaky Little Guy” – who is nearly impossible to hold down

Only: $37.00

Now in an exclusive 50 minute DVD, Gordo shows YOU his famous skills. AND, because Roberto “Gordo” Correa is the renowned coach behind many of the world’s top BJJ contenders, YOU will receive world class instruction available nowhere else.

  • Simple combination sweeps that will put you on top of an opponent no matter what they do
  • Step by step submission tricks to tap out an opponent even when on bottom half guard
  • Becoming uncrushable – How to make sure that you never get squashed and passed from bottom half guard ever again
  • and much, much more!

Only $47.00



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